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Why the US Embassy does not verify documents during visa interview

The US Embassy has been known not to verify documents during their visa interview, however, according to a US consular Officer, there is a reason behind this decision.
Answering a question posed to her, Kathryn Berck, former US Diplomat and Consular Officer at U.S. Department of State (1985-2011) says-
Visas are not given to documents, they are given to people.

Some other countries’ visa officers ‘scrutinize’ paperwork more than US consular officers do. So what? Some of those know, like the US officers do, that papers can be supplied that say almost anything; it is harder for a human to lie. So some of those countries’ officers who are required to spend so much time on paperwork actually envy US officers’ ability to disregard documents and pay more attention to the applicant him/herself.

With this information in mind, as a Nigerian student visa applicant to the USA, your gamut of documents matters less than your own responses to the interviewer, even if you have a billion naira in your sponsor’s bank statement, you may still be refused the visa.
So what do you do?

    • Be clear about what course you intend to study, your chosen course must be a course not readily available in your home country hence the reason you want to travel to the USA at great expense, the more specific it is the better. Choose to study something unique.
      Be clear about who intends to pay for your studies, Parents or close family relation are usually more acceptable
      Be clear about the usefulness of the course to your career. The course has to be something lucrative enough to ensure the likelihood of your return back to Nigeria. Going abroad to study Sociology,Political science are not advisable because there is no great demand in Nigeria’s workplace for these courses,these courses can adequately be taught in Unilag, UNN or Covenant University so it will be a herculean task convincing the visa officer of your intentions of needing to go all the way to the US to study
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