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Sure way to get a student visa

The sure way to get a student visa depends on two questions:
Student visas processing into any country more or less follow the same principles and similar in the majority of ways. Western countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom have almost similar criteria of issuing student visas to prospective applicants. However, there might be slight differences in the volume or nature of documents required.
However, The Visa Officer is mainly looking at your documents to find answers to 2 basic questions.
However, unlike other western embassies, the US embassy mainly hinge their decision on the face to face interview and this interview could last from as short as 5 minutes to as much as 20 minutes.
In fact, your ability to answer these two questions and the follow-up questions will determine how long it takes the visa officer to come to the decision to approve your visa or not.
If you bungle the questions you may be handed the blue paper that contains your refusal in less than 3minutes! however, if you impress the officer you may be on your way to the USA in less than 5 minutes.
It works like magic!
At meetings and training with various Visa officers at the different consulates in Nigeria, I have been able to narrow down what the visa officer is looking for in your application to two basic questions, they are so simple that at first sight these questions look so simple and inconsequential but trust me they are loaded questions that any answer you give may make or mar your visa chances.
We prepare hundreds of student visa applications in a year and I ensure that before that visa application is submitted the prospective student is able to satisfactorily answer these 2 questions and other follow up questions that may come up.
The questions may not come in these exact words however the whole conversation will be tailored towards the visa officer getting your views on these questions.
These two questions are:

  • As you intend to study in the USA (or the UK, Canada etc) will you come back to your Home Country (Nigeria?)
    Before I move to the next question, you may be wondering –Ah!is this the question? Of course, the answer is a loud ‘YES’. It’s obvious if you say you don’t intend to come back to Nigeria, then you should expect a refusal because the main aim of applying for a student visa is to go and study and you should come back to your country after the conclusion of your program.
  • The next question is:

  • Why will you come back?
    The answer to this question is loaded with a lot of implications, However, you must show what motivations you have that will make you come back, simply saying you will come back because you have parents in Nigeria will not fly.in response to this answer, a visa officer showed the applicant a statistic noting the number of students who have received visas but almost all of them have parents back in Nigeria but almost all of them have not returned to Nigeria.
    A prospective applicant must show that he or she has a good incentive to come back. How do you do that?
  • You must highlight a top employment you intend to get as a result of your studies abroad, you can’t say you intend to come back to Nigeria to come work in your Fathers shop or company(unless your Father is Dangote!). You can’t go all the way to Australia, Canada or the UK to acquire a degree at a high cost so you can come back to work for mummy or daddy. The employment you intend to get must be big enough to justify the significant cost you will spend in tuition, living expenses and travel cost.
  • Highlight an existing employment: Not all existing employment will convince the visa officer. The employment should be a relatively well-paying job or an industry that is witnessing growth. An employment in an established and well-known organization will also be good.
  • Family ties-This can be an incentive to come back home. Parent is a no-no, however, a spouse or children can be a strong incentive to return home (this is a big advantage but don’t get married just for the purpose of securing a visa).
  • Economic tie-Physical assets like landed property is also a significant incentive to return home

Whether you are going for a face to face interview or writing a personal statement of purpose, these suggestions will help you in your visa interview.
if you have any questions to send me an email to frank.dike@valueoffshoreedu.com


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