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Immigration Visa Application

Nigeria is a great country filled with people with a passion for traveling around the world. Unfortunately, for some people, this passion has been unwittingly cut short by the inability to procure a visa to their preferred destination(s). At Value Offshore Education, we have a passion for our customers and aim to bring the most vital travel information your way. This is a guideline for making the process smoother by assisting you in your visa application process. Most embassies require evidence of confirmed flight and hotel reservation.

Visa issuance is determined only by the embassies. Value Offshore Education does not guarantee you will get a visa; we are only assisting the process.

The Immigrant Visa Process

Immigrating to the country of your choice is an important and complex decision. In this section, you will learn about who may immigrate to the destinated country, the different types of immigrant visas, the required forms, and the steps in the immigrant visa process. Because most immigrants receive visas in the family or employment-based visa categories, they are a key focus of this section. To be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a citizen relative, lawful permanent resident, or a prospective employer, with a few exceptions, explained below. The sponsor begins the immigration process by filing a petition on the foreign citizen’s behalf with Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Immigrating Based on Family

A citizen can file an immigrant visa petition for:

  • Spouse
  • Son or daughter
  • Parent
  • Brother or sister

A lawful permanent resident (that is, a green-card holder) can file an immigrant visa petition for:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried son or daughter

As you get started:

  • Learn more about Family Categories.
  • To begin the immigration process, your sponsoring family member must file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative to Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Employment-Based Immigration

An employer can sponsor certain skilled workers who will be hired into permanent jobs. In some specialized fields, the law allows prospective immigrants to sponsor themselves. In addition, the law provides a number of special immigrant categories, as well as an immigrant investor program.

As you get started:

  • Learn more about Employment Categories
  • To begin the immigration process, your sponsoring employer must file an I-140 Petition for Alien Worker with Citizenship and Immigration Services. In some categories, you can file the I-140 petition yourself.

Number of Visas Each Year is Limited in Some Categories

Regarding some of the immigrant visa categories, the law limits the number of visas available each year, with certain limits by country. In these limited categories, whenever the number of qualified applicants exceeds the available immigrant visas, there will be a waiting list. In this situation, the available immigrant visas will be issued in the chronological order in which the petitions were filed. The date your petition was filed is called your priority date. You can learn more about priority dates.

Why choose Value Offshore Education

  • Strong team of qualified staff with well-trained counselors
  • We ensure 98% visa success
  • Free document checking service: We offer free checking of documents to identify original documents needed to process an offer and apply for the applicable study visa. The Service guarantees all of our students a 100 percent visa success
  • Access to our wide range of contacts abroad: We won’t abandon you on arrival at your destination; we provide options for accommodation and free accommodation in the first week of arrival so as to enable you to seek an appropriate and permanent place of abode.
  • Pre-departure briefings: We know that many of our clients may be traveling or living in a new country for the first time. Value Offshore Education organize pre-departure briefings that cover every aspect of the intended country. We provide linkups with our students and clients currently living in your destinations for a proper on the spot information.
  • Subsidized Flights Costs: In order to make travel affordable, Value Offshore Education has become a partner with a member of the Star Alliance Airline company offering students low flight costs and many other interesting benefits.

Our winning culture is to always put you first.
This means we take personal considerations of your unique needs, situations and then provide solutions on the way forward.
At Value Offshore Education, we put ourselves in your shoes. We provide the best possible solutions and advisory service that will guaranty your success
We work with passion, dedication, and teamwork, building new opportunities through a relentless commitment to superb customer service and first-rate product quality and reliability.
Studying abroad can come with uncertainties but we will make it as easy as possible from initial application to your arrival in your chosen destination, Value Offshore Education will be your guide through the whole process.

I’m so happy I chose to work with Value Offshore Education, from the initial consultation all the way through the visa process, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life. I am now enjoying myself studying in my dream University in the United States of America

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