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Australian Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)-10 tips to meeting the Requirement as a Nigerian Applicant

The Australian Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement is a requirement for all student visas. It is the most common reason The Australian Department of Home Affairs refuses student visas, especially visas coming out of Nigeria. Unfortunately, it is also massively subjective and immigration case officers can choose which part of the GTE requirement to refuse your visa. This means that you should not copy verbatim the GTE statement of someone else even if the person was successful in his or her visa application.
Case officers are highly stringent when it comes to applications from Nigerian applicants.
The GTE statement is like an interview where students convince the immigration officers that they really want to study and for the right reasons.
You cannot take this statement lightly and extra care must be taken to ensure that you have covered the all the bases, unlike an oral interview there is no other chance to clarify any comments.
This article will go through some of the most common reasons why student’s visas are refused and how best to overcome this. By doing this, we hope you will increase the chances of obtaining a student visa.

  1. Be believable in your essay
    Your story has to be believable and realistic, it has to flow. Case officers, unfortunately, presume EVERY Nigerian application guilty of the immigration requirements and it’s your job to prove your innocence. You cannot be a graduate of Computer science and decide to go study for a Diploma in Social works. Just because you have a flair for social works doesn’t mean you can do that course without concrete proof of your reasons

  2. Your Personal circumstance in Nigeria matters
    One of the reasons Case officers give for refusing Nigerian visa applications is “based on the economic conditions in your home country, you would have little incentive to return.”
    This means you have not shown enough reasons that will make you return to Nigeria. Do you have an asset like a house, car (one of my students included his Uber Cars).you need to mention this fact in your GTE statement; also mention that you have family members residing in Nigeria. You must also paint a rosy picture of the industry you intend to seek employment in and that the industry is a lucrative or an in-demand one.
  3. Explain why you chose the specific education provider
    It is important you have done research into your education provider that you want to attend. How does it compare to other education providers that offer a similar course? This will demonstrate to the case officer that you have put in thought into your studies. Perhaps you can explain the individual units of the course you are most interested in studying.
    It is also important that you have done research and know the city that you will be studying in? What are some things you like about the city? How much will your living expenses be?
  4. . Show you have done research into the industry or course you are studying
    Nigerian applicants need to critically analyze the economic situation in Nigeria and choose industries that are growing. Not all sectors in Nigeria is lucrative. Immigration would like to see that you have thought about the industry where you will be planning to study. Is it growing? What are the future jobs openings like? How will this course benefit you in securing a job in this industry in NIGERIA? How will studying this course in Australia specifically improve your prospects in the industry?
  5. Always discuss the future value of the course to you
    Because traveling abroad entails a considerable amount of financial outlay, therefore, you need to convince the immigration officer that this expenditure on your part will be beneficial and worthwhile. A very common reason an immigration case officer provide for refusal is that the Applicant failed to provide evidence of the value of the course to their future. Immigration wants to see how studying in Australia will benefit you. Will the course allow you to apply for higher paying positions in the future? Will it allow you a better chance of entering another course? Will the course allow you to gain skills which could help you make more money?
  6. Explain why you chose to study in Australia compared to your home country.

    Ask yourself a question, this course I intend to study can I do the same course at the University of Lagos, the University of Ife or even the Lagos Business School if yes, why do you still want to travel abroad. Immigration would like for you explain why you chose to study in Australia and if there were similar courses offered in your home country. If there are options in your home country to study this course, explain how studying this course in Australia is different. Is it taught in a different format? Is the course it shorter, longer? Is the education provided in this industry different in Australia different in your home country?

  7. Provide supporting documents
    Talk is cheap. You need to back your statement up with documentary evidence to support what you wrote. Can you provide:

    • Letters of reference from employers
    • Evidence you can support yourself financially in Australia
    • Previous education documents
    • Evidence of property ownership in your home country
    • Evidence of business ownership in your home country
    • You need to categorically mention likely industry or a company that you intend to work for when you return back
  8. Does the course relate to anything you have previously studied?

    In my opinion, it is more beneficial for you to study a course which relates to something you have previously studied. Will the course build on or complement what you have previously studied? Or is it related to something you have experience working in.

Value Offshore Education have education counselors who specialize in student visa applications, our counselors can assist you to tailor your student visa application and Genuine Temporary Entrant statement to give you the best chance of having your visa approved. If you would like to chat about some of your course options, book in for a FREE consultation with an education agent HERE


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